Monday, 31 July 2017

Social Studies Reflection, Melissa

Social Studies Reflection 31.07.2017

In Term 2 we conducted a Human Rights social inquiry on Rights of Freedom in North Korea.

The main causes of the Rights of Freedom being taken from the people of North Korea is because of the current Dictator, Kim Jong Un. The rules that are created for the country are very strict.

The consequences of breaking either of the rules that apply for living in North Korea is punishment. Because there freedom is taken by the strict rules they have, people are often tortured, sent away to work for their punishments, & some people are killed.

Yeomni Park was fortunate enough to escape North Korea with her mother. Her Father unfortunately died on their journey to escape. Her perspective as she spoke about her fear of when she lived in North Korea summarised to a conclusion of an awful country. Things that happen there won’t happen in a normal life of living in a developed country. In her speech about her life she spoke about making a change for the country, She encourages all the people in North Korea to make a change also and stand up for themselves.

I think that the government of North Korea, Kim Jong un for certain are too strict on the people of North Korea. A lot of punishments are given for unnecessary reasons and the North Koreans cannot really do much to stop the government, except to protest for themselves (which most likely leads to killings, etc.) or secretly escape the country. To help the country we can help spread awareness, start fighting campaigns that will help provide stuff for people suffering in North Korea and many other things.


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