Tuesday, 6 November 2012


What do you do when an Earthquake strikes?


When there is an Earthquake everybody should know what to do.  There are three very important words and movements to do when there is an earthquake involved. The first word is drop. In an earthquake drop means drop to the ground. The second word is cover. Cover is to get under the table or something really strong and roll up into a turtle. The third word is hold. When you're under the table stay as a turtle but hold on to something solid. So that’s the most three important words and movements when there is an earthquake.

One the 26 of September at 9.26am the whole country of New Zealand did an earthquake drill because 2 years ago on this same day and time,  Christchurch had a serious problem because there was a huge earthquake. It struck Christchurch really badly. Lots of people died and many were hurt.  Lots of people lost their houses.   

When a earthquake strikes New Zealand in Auckland, Glen Innes, I would know what to do. I would Drop, Cover and Hold. So remember to Drop, Cover and Hold when there is an earthquake.


Asiana said...

This is a great story to write about because when we would be in an earthquake, we would be screaming.But I really like how you wrote this story to keep people safe.

Serena said...

We will be really scared when it happens

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