Monday, 19 June 2017

North Korea - Human Rights, Melissa

1. Identify a HUMAN RIGHTS issues that is currently impacting people and places in the    world.  
We will conduct a Social Inquiry on the Human Rights issue of No Freedom of Movement. Our case study will focus on the country of North Korea.

2.You must write an introduction, describing the issue, where it is happening and who is affected by it!
Introduction : The Human Rights issue that we will be researching is “ The right to freedom of movement or travel as they wish“  The reason why we have chosen this topic is because we believe that everyone has the right to travel wherever they want freely, without any of the Government’s concern/permission and also without feeling the need to fear because of being rejected, where they could be abused, tortured and even put up for execution. We also believe that everyone should be treated equally and fairly, many parts of North Korea people are treated disrespectfully and are left to starve with no help from the government.


Sonya Robertson said...

Good start, look forward to hearing more about this social inquiry topic.

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