Monday, 30 November 2015

Transum, By Melissa

This morning for Math we tried out a new website called Transum. It had games about all the different subjects/topics you have in Math. First I tried a game called Addle. It was about Addition. You had to add up the given numbers to get the answer that was already filled in. It wasnt that hard. Hopefully they put more sums in and make it more challenging by putting answers from 500 to 5000. The next game I played was called Car puzzle. I dont really know what it had to do with math but I found it challenging when I got up to level 5.

Heres a link to the Transum website:


Nicola Wells said...

Interesting blog post Melissa - you should show this to Mrs Dunn, I wonder if she knows about Transum! I'm really interested to know how you knew that it would extend you to have questions from 500 - 5000 - was it part of your learning progression?

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