Monday, 13 May 2013

In Ten years time

I'm learning to create a positive digital footprint.


Lauren said...
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Mele said...
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Mele said...

Hi Melissa.
You got a good piece of writing on your blog.
I like how you said that in ten years you will be in university.
Well done!

Andrea said...

Kia ora Melissa,

I really like the way you designed your picture of being a chef. I like the way you drew the pie too. If you don't become a chef, what will you be?

Sajiha said...

Hi Melissa,
Your positive digital footprint about you in ten years time is astonishing. I really like the picture of you and the kumara pie looks delicious. I hope these things do really come true in ten years time. Do you have anything else in your mind for your future in ten years time?

Shanelle said...

Hello chef Maia. I like the pictures you drew. I like you pie because it looks scrumptious. I really hope you will become a chef one day.

Harmony said...

Bula vinaka Melissa

I didn't know that in ten years time you wanted to be a chef.I think that you will be a wonderful chef in ten years time.What else do you want to be other then becoming a chef?

Adrienne said...

Hi Melissa
I like your digital footprint that you've imagined to be at university in ten years time. I guess you will be there because you are a hardworking girl.

Melissa said...

Hi Guys,
Thanks for your kind comments on my positive digital footprint. Im not really sure what else ill be wanting to do in ten years time. Thanks again.

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