Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My E-Portfolio, Blog & The year 10 DigiTech Google+ community

My E - Portfolio is going to be used to visually showcase the work that I will be doing in Technology this year. My Blog will be used to reflect on my learning in Technology. The year 10 DigiTech Google+ community will be used to collaborate with other students about the work that we complete in DigiTech.

We will be developing a game relating to Sustainability. We have been trialling a game to learn new skills in scratch.

Three Skills I have learn't in Scratch so far include:

  • I'v learn't how to code
  • How to make Sprites
  • How to make Backdrops 


Mary Ake said...

Good Job Melissa! Keep up the Good Work! Teach me your ways pls :'(
Something you could work on is making your game and getting it done lol

Melissa Te Tai said...

Like wise :)

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