Monday, 29 October 2012

100m Sprints is the Best

I love to run. Therefore running is the sport I followed at the Olympics. My favourite Olympic Sport is the 100m Sprints. This sport is played on a athletic track in a stadium. Athletics can be a team or individual sport. The current Olympic Champions for 100m sprints is Usain Bolt. He is the best.   

Distances Running is also my favourite sport because it strengthens your body and it makes you run and use your energy and then you'll get fit.

Another reason running is my favourite sport is because you will get lots of money by breaking  records and you get to be famous. You will need lots of practice to run fast. You would most probably get millions of dollars a week.
The next reason distances running is my favourite sport is because it makes you happyits positive and it's also fun.

Finally running is my favourite sport because it’s very interesting. I would like to know who has broken world records in the past few years.

From the reasons I have given above, you can see that running is my favorite sporting event and it's played individually or in teams like relays. I love running.


Samuel said...

Hello Melissa. I like your story because I liked they way that you said that Usain Bolt is the best. How fast are you now?

Makaydyn said...

Hi Melissa I really loved what you have written.your story was beautiful and lovely what I loved most was seeing your writing.I would like to say keep it up with the good work.You can do it

from Makydyn.

Serena said...

Hi Melissa I agree with your writing. I know you like spriting. I love running too,But I always Eat to much. Why do you like running?

Tupou Rose said...

I love running to good girl haha

Tainah said...

I agree to Tupou S, I also love running. You know why because I always, but sometimes come 1st. That why I love running. keep it up and also keep it up the running.

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