Monday, 17 September 2012

Mr Hendricks I have to go to the Olympics 2012


Please Mr Hendricks, I have to go to the Olympics 2012. I will be the best student that should go and I will be your STAR.
I will work harder in school to show how happy I am and to tell stories with you when I come back from London. I got my throat ready to cheer for the New Zealand because I really am keen to go to the Olympics and I will wash your car everyday, only starting when I come back from London.

I want to know what it's like to be at the Olympics and I want to win a gold medal for Badminton. I would love to go to the olympics and win a gold medal for our school. Mr Hendricks remember I said I will wash your car. Also I will Take your dog for a walk. It would love to be walked everyday. So Please Mr Hendricks can I go.


Clearissa said...

You had a very lovely letter to Mr. Hendricks and I think he would have let you go to the Olympic games because of your to reasons why. If he did let you go, how would you react?

Mele said...
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Mele said...

Hi Melissa you have a lovely story.I like how you really respect your mum. what did you fell about when you got this.

Melissa said...

Thanks Clearissa. How would I react. well I would have reacted like a star in New Zealand and I would have actually washed Mr Hendricks car.

Asiana said...

Hi Melissa, I think that it would be hard for you to clean his car every day because you might go to school late. Plus you made Mr Hendricks really convinced. Also what kind of sports do you like in the Olympics.

Melissa said...

Thank you Mele that is really nice of you. I felt like I just got a box of chocolates and I love chocolate. Thanks again

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