Friday, 6 November 2015

Geometry, By Melissa

Last week we were learning/trying to cement the knowledge about geometry into our brains. Our first task was drawing a rectangle and then drawing random straight lines in it. We ended up with all sorts of different shapes. We then chose 2 different colours along with a black colouring pencil. I chose blue and purple. After colouring in all the shapes we had to cut it out and then glue it into our math book. After that we had to cut out some shapes and form a rectangle. Next we got a worksheet of a flat shape. We had to figure out what it made and then cut it out. The first shape I made was a cube. The shape after that was a cone. After cutting out the shapes the rest of the class had to explain the different shapes there are and how many sides, edges, faces and corners they have. Unfortunately I had to leave, but i'm pretty sure I have cemented some of the shapes of geometry.


Caitlyn K said...

Hello Melissa I Really Like Your Work you must be Really Great at Writting.

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