Thursday, 4 December 2014



This year was a Blast! I had fun each term. This year for 2014 I was in room 12. Through out the whole year I made a lot of friends, like A LOT!

In term 1 and 2 we played a lot of sports at the inter schools. We pretty much won most of the competitions. I participated in most of the sports and I had fun.

But term 3 was the most bestest and funnest term out of all the years I've been at this school. We went to SPORTS CAMP! Sports camp was a highlight of the year for me. We spent 1 week at sports camp, located in Totara springs. We played sports the whole
week. When I was at sports camp I played some sports I've never played before. One sport I liked was petanque. Mikayla and I won at this sport. On the last day at sports camp every school that came first won a trophy. Which ever school came runners up got a certificate. Our school won 7 trophies and 6 runner up certificate.

In term 4 we're practicing our class item and culture groups for the end of the year. But as it's slowly getting closer to the end of the year i'm going to miss the year 8 students.


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