Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The big Oak tree

In the Juniors playground at Glen Innes School they have a Oak tree. 50 years ago the oak tree was planted. It's older than the school that is there right now.

The tree grows acorns. It changes colours every season. In Spring the acorn starts off small with a green colour. In Summer they start to get bigger and turn brown. In Autumn they fall off the tree trunk and branches. In winter there are just leaves that fall off the oak tree slowly and turn brown and green at the same time. Then it goes in a rotation every year.

Two thing’s I don't like is that children used to throw acorns at other children and kids sometimes eat them.

But now at Glen Innes School children don't throw or eat the acorns.

Glen Innes School is happy that they have a big oak tree.



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